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Frank Kinslow's seminars in Moscow
23 — 25 March 2019
Russia, Moscow

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In the last few years, the "Era of New Thinking" has forced many people to look at the world in a new way, not only from the point of view of Newton's physical reality, as a consequence, new effective methods and techniques are born. For example, Quantum Entrainment® The Frank Kinslow Quantum Bias Method is the latest in this particular field. Everyone can learn this method - quickly and without any prior skills or knowledge! You will be surprised at how quickly this technique works and how practical it is in your daily and professional life.

What is the Quantum Entrainment® technique?

Quantum Entrainment® is a method that includes a gentle "touch" in the conscious state, which spontaneously and immediately transfers the autonomic nervous system to a state in which deep regeneration and renewal processes can occur. Accordingly, there is a reorganization of the surrounding space, one that does not work in the best possible way. The most surprising thing about this method is that both the client and the person practicing Quantum Entrainment® experience an organic and sustainable sense of well-being. Quantum Entrainment® is well suited as a self-help method, but it also enhances the impact of any other professional method of treatment or transformation in your life.

23 — 25 March 2019
Saturday — Monday
Russia, Moscow
Izmaylovskoye Shosse 71 корпус Д

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